Words are not enough to express the joy of families reunited at the place of origin. Mullinahone and Clonagoose and the beginning of new friendships. John, Monika & Peg are all terrific people who make us feel at home at the place of our ancestors, but most of all, at your place Crocanoir. With the thought and care you bring to the venture it is more than a business, it is a way of life, a good life that shows Ireland (and especially Mullinahone) at its best. It is the love for people and making reunions possible that will ensure future success.

John & Gabriella O'Connor , Milan, Italy

We came to trace the Rawlins roots and found that and so much more. The Rawlins and O Shea clan lived in Mullinahone for at least 150 years leaving around 1870. 140 years later we return and with Johns help are able to explore our roots. We felt like family and had an exceptional time and look forward to when we can return.

The Rawlins family, Las Vegas, USA

You have been the most wonderful hosts, Thank you so much for everything -you have done to help Martin find his roots- We will be back , we have been truly captivated by Crocanoir.

Alison & Martin Debenham  Dorset U.K

We came to find our family and in addition found new friends- John and Monika were the most gracious hosts. We will return, as our hearts are still there. Thanks for everything , wonderful memories.

The Carroll clan , Maryland, USA

What an unbelievable experience to find the house of your ancestors. Going back to the 1700's. Generations and generations of Hawes. To stay in a house like this steeped in history can put the hair standing on the back of your neck. Our hosts incredible - thanks for making this such an experience.

Laurence Carey, Tullamore, Co Offaly

I am truly grateful for your wonderful hospitality this weekend. I couldn't have wished for a better place to celebrate my 50th birthday. To bring all of my family to the home of our ancestors was truly magical. The celebration of this milestone will live with me always.Thank you so much - we will be back.

Sean Carey , Dublin

John, Monika & Sean - A simple thank you is far from sufficient. We came to Mullinahone hoping to take a few steps where our fathers had tread. We won the grand prize by meeting you. You have gone far and beyond our wildest expectations. The old family land-the old burial ground- You guys did it all. Kathy, Patti and I will be forever grateful. Many, Many Thank You's!

Jim Sause (from Ballyduggan) Maryland, USA

My own experience is that I stayed with a family, not just at a place. Although your place is beautiful, it is the welcoming and personal environment that you and Monika create that makes such a memorable experience. Although you are a gifted musician and do a tremendous job of making Croc an Oir a beautiful and inviting place to stay, it is really John Bermingham the person that makes all the difference. Your interest in understanding my mission and trying to connect me with places and people that matter is what really made the connection. The fact that you were willing to share so much of yourself and provide experiences that immersed us in Irish culture made this something that exceeded all of my expectations (and I thought they were pretty high). I could go on but I don’t want you to get a big head! We all hope to return soon and I would definitely want to maintain the connection with you. That’s all for now. Enjoy your gift and I’ll write soon.

Dudley Greer, Maryland, USA

Kickham graveyard

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